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We currently receive grant dollars from the Ohio Development Services Agency (ODSA) and the Ohio Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services (OhioMHAS).  We have also received many donations from Seneca County area agencies and businesses since our planning and construction phase began in 2009.  (Special thanks to the Community Task Force, First Call for Help and the United Way office).

We have been open and serving the homeless population in Seneca County since December 5, 2012.  Since that time, we have assisted 213 (unduplicated) individuals (154 adults and 59 children).

  • Of the 154 adults listed, 144 of them were successful in obtaining income and moving into the area community and are currently stable in their new housing environment.
  • This is a success rate of 67% since the Morrison House doors opened in 2012.  We are so proud of these former and current tenants for making positive changes in their lives.

    The bottom line is that this program is working!!  We are hopeful to continue to provide supportive housing services to the homeless population of Seneca County for years to come.  Please continue to support our efforts.  The funding that we receive from state grants is not enough to keep the house open and the programs running.  Please share our fundraising link with your friends, families, and co-workers. 

    Do not hesitate to contact me with additional questions.  I can be available to speak with your business or organization to share more information about the Morrison House Project. Monetary donations can also be mailed to: New Housing Ohio, Inc. c/o The Morrison House Project. P.O. Box 25. Tiffin, Ohio 44883.

    Thank you again for sharing this information and for the continued support of our program. Best Regards ...

    Ronele Myers
    Tiffin Regional Director 
    The Morrison House Project
    New Housing Ohio, Inc.
    366 Wentz Street
    Tiffin, Ohio 44883
    Phone: 419-651-8007 
    Fax: 567-220-7485

    The Morrison House, formally the Mad River Railroad Bed and Breakfast, was built in 1880 and one of the premier stately homes in the Tiffin area. The structure offers over 8,000 square feet of living space. Because of it's size, it offers an extraordinary opportunity for offering unique transitional housing for families and individuals needing a hand's up.

    Read The_Advertiser-Tribune Article of January 27, 2011. Read The Advertiser-Tribune Article of November 21, 2011 on The Morrison House Transitional Housing Project.

    THERE ARE HOMELESS PEOPLE IN TIFFIN. The Community Task Force for Community Assistance is asking for your help. The Task Force in conjunction with New Housing Ohio has purchased the former Bed and Breakfast at 107 West Perry Street and has renovated the building for a transitional homeless shelter. This facility is named The Morrison House in honor of the family that has done much to make this project possible.

    The Morrison House will be supervised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It will provide a safe haven for singles and families for a period of up to 120 days. All residents will be subject to background screening and required to participate in ongoing programs to help reestablish themselves in the community as productive citizens.

    A supervisory board comprised of members of the Tiffin community will oversee the administration of The Morrison House and activities. Although a large portion of funding will be provided through grants from the state and federal government, there still remains ongoing operational and maintenance expenses that will need to come from a wide base of community support.

    Any support for The Morrison House, financial, in-kind or volunteer assistance is greatly appreciated

    OPERATIONAL EXPENSES FROM NON-GRANT FUNDING. Estimated between $3,500 - $4,500 monthly. One of the requirements of the Community Task Force is for the transitional homeless shelter be supervised 24 hours a day. Although this makes the facility more expensive to operate it also makes it a safe environment and allows the trained staff more time to concentrate their efforts to get residents back on their feet and into society. Therefore, in order to sustain this effort, we are looking for private assistance in a variety of areas.

    FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS. Certain obligations (staff salaries, utilities, repairs) will require cash outlays. Donations to The Morrison House will be greatly appreciated. However, our primary concern is sustainability. Small monthly, quarterly or yearly pledges by individuals or organizations will be a significant benefit to our continued viability.

    IN-KIND DONATIONS. Housing homeless individuals will require many of the everyday basics that we take for granted. Linens, bedding, hygienic supplies, diapers, food-stuffs and toiletries are just a few of the necessities that The Morrison House will need to operate.

    VOLUNTEER ASSISTANCE. There are some facets of operating The Morrison House that will not be cash expenses such as lawn-mowing, minor repairs and maintenance, light house-cleaning, meals for the residents and transformation needs. All of these concerns will have to be addressed. It is our hope that volunteers from the community will step up to assist with these and similar tasks. Anyone interested in participating in this worthwhile opportunity can contact us for more information.

    Pat DeMonte, Executive Director - Tiffin-Seneca United Way.
    Telephone: 419.448.0355

    Your help will enrich the lives of countless others in our local community